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December 31, 2021:~ Welcome To My World ~ And The Turn Of A Friendly Card

I am now in pain, all the time and the last few months have been pure hell but as I have researched Chronic Pain I found that my NEW CLUB is 20.4% Worldwide and assuming 7.9 Billion People Globally = 1.6 Billion of us suffer from Chronic Pain Syndrome

Okay and Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler wrote in their great set of books ( in the one called ) BOLD

That when you find a problem says " the best way to become a billionaire is to solve a billion person problem " and this certainly qualifies as one of these problems.

So as now, this site changes from me talking about my pains as so many people have it so much worse.

I have a few people * followers * on the various platforms I have been on this incredible year as the world has been dealing with all that happened

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