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December 4, 2021:~ The Digitization Of A Planet ~ Are You Taking Part Or Being Carried Along

This is " Golden Lisa " and she fell into The Mad Hatter Experience Group Digital Art Collection and Galleria on December 3, 2021

What do think about her as when we first made eye contact she made me smile and I was in pain ( from what ever the hell is wrong with my 60 plus year old frame ) you know I never dreamt of this happening to me nor my family of peeps as this time last year I was about to be ( FIRED ) from the same doctor I had for 9 + years and when it occurred I was to be very devastated and totally freaked out as I had pretty much entrusted her with my life and soul as she knew more about me than anyone on the "OUTS" ( out of containment ) ever had.

I was scared as a sense of loss, grief all came at me so very rapidly as loneliness was a very powerful reality as my weeks for the longest time was filled with once a week sessions in her examining rooms

But little did I know ( nor could I have known )

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When my life and world were falling apart and crashing down into a valley I would wish on no one as the next days were a mess as calling doctors and explaining to people that I had never met at doctor offices around this great city that I am privileged to be a part of

God was working in the back ground busy lining all sorts of shit up for me, as this was about to change and change fast as in just three ( 3 ) short days and 50-60 calls around town it would be a book I had read years before called ( Acres Of Diamonds by Russell Conwell )

that says the Diamonds can be found in our own back yards either physically or mentally

On the later half of the 2nd day i was talking to my druggist and he suggested I see the doctor in the clinic that the drugstore is in so he transfered me in and I was able to book a appointment and as a result I was doctorless for only a 3 day period

It has been a year and it is working well -- and I am becoming more comfortable after this first year

However the ghosts of doctors past would appear again at the 9 day mark from when I was " fired " from the last doctor and I was to be totally isolated from everyone for Christmas 2020 as they trapped me in a Covid Unit and they wouldn't allow me out and every 2 days I would have the BRAIN STICK shoved up through my NOSE HOLE and it was horrible as I knew it was coming again

I didn't have the Covid and they all knew this even before the first test but they want to test and test as this is money ( on Christmas day ) I walked out -- and I was not stopped nor hindered as I was never even tagged ( wrist bracelet ) and they knew what they were doing but I missed Christmas 2020 and the incredible dinner a neighbor in my community was going to serve me

And my community lost as I was not able to entertain them as the MHE / Mad Hatter Experience

But while in the Hospital I made my first digital Investment I had ever made and II was blown away once again

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