Dentures Came Back In And I Am Saddened As They "FAILED"

I will NEVER eat foods (if that is actually what they are) again.... as defined in

Solid Foods Most Humans Eat Volume 1 Issue 1

I get to design everything I consume:

I will once I get my current TEAM on TAP eat better than YOU can ever think of eating as my Food Scientist is part human mostly genius


However, I redefined a new "Social Experiment" for me, calling it (B.A.G. - O,N.E.)

I have been talking to a gentleman with his lower legs missing and a few fingers and another that is bound to a wheelchair

I did psychiatric medicine for 38 years (it is not as physically brutal) AT ALL


1) don't get sick (means treat your body as a TEMPLE as it says somewhere in all that religious stuff

2) don't get old (okay were all screwed)

But back to (B.A.G.- O,N,E.)

it will have my candies (finally had a new stock come today) as I ran out of money near the end of last month, therefore candies to give away suffered (as did food for my belly and i lost 5 kg)

also G.L.U.E. -D.E.N.T.U.R.E. (adhesive) *a cleaning cloth* & *brush*

and P.O.R.N. (okay I am kidding but I likely made you smile) :-) but it will have some reading --

I can't chew (get a MAGIC BULLET) -- eat gruel (we all will in a few years anyways) dig in!

Daniel can't walk (he gets a chair) FOR LIFE,

'have YOU counted YOUR blessings TODAY?

more than 2?

you win

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