Devil Girl, Ms. Payne and Mr. Honesty And Medicated Goo

My psychologist thinks this is "cute" I think as it leads on her sheet full of notes on yellow note pad paper as she scribbled and I yakked away as she digs deeper into what the hell has the Mad Hatter been thinking over the last week and since i have like a 50 minute session to download a weeks worth of data as she scribbles away on her "yellow note pad, in black ink" as I now know she knows I watch her as she seemingly knows when to change the track of the subject as you know I ramble a bit (ok a lot) at times

This begins NOW Devil Girl gets the sadistic pleasure from my suffering, where as Ms. Payne is only in this for the Pain she can cause me, and Mr. Honesty well he Honestly just doesn't know who to even believe anymore as it is the same with me no longer trusting the Physical Health Team, as we all have seemingly secured the Mental Health Team and how we can deal with my mind when it (I) actually get a few minutes off from level + 9 pain limits

The scientists say that Reality is 90-99% mental and we know that "all power is from within" so I am going (within) my own mind (and I have a great electrical team on staff) as they say that schitzophreina is a just a faulty re-wiring issue) and that Mental Health Has three sections

1) Biological -- Physical Illness

2) Psychological -- How mind copes with stress

3) Sociological -- Money, Housing and Social Support

thank You Dr Young

these are learn able skills and I have learned much since MY team began in actuality to become assembled on June 5, 2019 only 1 month 29 days ago (59 days) until then after my file was shifted to The Agency Group on March 6, 2019 = 149 days ago (less the 47 I was in unit 8 east for major surgery) at a Covenant Group Hospital

Until June 5, 2019 I only had access to "pharma" as that was it, and I never complained as all I wanted was to not be a burden to society at large

Game on as I have not been to the Gym since the attacks by the wounds -- I take it back today, as is the cafe as I go back today for my glass of Italian water in a brandy glass


Mad Hatter is back in town (ok as of now the Mad Hatter Experience blog has been in 17 cities and towns as I grow like a Mind Parasite and once I am in well baby I am not leaving) Key' Lo And The Mind Parasites (is now playing in the community of Edmonton, Alberta Canada)

As directed by The Agency Group

Through Suffering Comes Growth -- I Have Decided To Suffer For All Of You NOW

720am Medicated Goo (MG)

30 mg Codeine

1,000mg Tylenol

I made the gap (period between dosages) it was a really long and painful night and I once again Suffered as I have been for a very long time now. (Months) as this stuff started way back on October 15, 2018

Time for breakfast:

Going to attempt pancakes and maple syrup as I was allowed to grab the ingredients this week and this is a gift from (all of you, so thank you all) for your generosity in this--You are all amazing

And i am so very blessed so be here in this country, province and city at this point in the history of mankind

God Bless

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