Devil Girl & Ms. Payne vs. Mad Hatter On August 12, 2019 @ 11am

I actually "thought / (Hallucinated)" I was going to be able to get a "GOOD" day and maybe even a "GREAT" day out of this one ---only to get a hour and a bit into it realizing I was once again going to have my already sore ass kicked again by the pain that keeps lingering (totally) unrelenting as my Girls / Ladies drive me to places that very few get to enter and never mind stay for any amount of time without some serious mental destruction as I am now experiencing as it approaches 10 full and long months since the first discovery of "HOLE # 1" that would change every aspect of who, and what I was before and pretty much wipe my past screens clean of anything I was as it creates a new person that it seems needs to be TOTALLY f'n destroyed before a new and hopefully improved version can be designed

L..S.D. ex.. (who wants to be my guide for this experience / experiment / as I keep attempting to keep me damn head only above water lines that are always rising on me

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