Did You Ever Meet An Angel Named Alice And A Team That Watched Over Me

This young lady needed to pretty much HUNT me down and she caught me in front of a pawn shop a way back on August 3, 2018 just before I ended up "physically" sick (YOU KNOW) Mental Illness is one thing to "deal" with but when one gets slammed up against the wall boards with a Physical Illness on top well HELL broke loose

And it occurred asap

And if it wasn't for the story in Rat Creek Press October 2018 -- I wouldn't be here at all right now along with a quick to react Physiatrist, who combined the various medications I was allowed on when II was send home to a once every 28 days injection I also don't see this story having a decent conclusion

You know some times you get LUCKY in your life

ME --"Lucky" Lucien

The Story Saved MY Life


Saved My Life


I have been Blessed Over and Over again and again


You Did This For The Meekest

And I am VERY Grateful


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