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Do U Have Any Idea What It Is Like ... Inside My Brain with PTSD Now x 10,000 As That Is What Canada

NEEDS for Soldiers for All the Wars That Are Starting Globally 10,000 PTSD HOLY SHIT And those we be YOUR SONS & DAUGHTERS Yah and How Are We as a Society Going To be able to deal with Masses of Kids with Mental Illnesses for WAR --Because this is where we are going

The Army is Looking for 10,000 Members to Serve and some will get back to Canada with PTSD it will occur

Do you want to hear something that came out of it today that I haven't felt since 1976 when my kid sister was removed from my home for a reason that in 2022 I still have no idea as to what occurred NONE

I lost a FAMILY Again as I was hungry as I hadn't ate in 3 -4 day and I asked a few people that I know including the manager at the SAVE ON FOODS along with a half dozen people that I talk to daily ( friends ? ) NOPE as if they are they are getting screwed on WAGES as I tried to borrow a $ 5 bill to buy something to fill my belly ( a $ 5 Bill ) when I asked JAG the manager it got out of control as a customer got into my face and head and JAG (MANAGER) says see this is where I warned you one time I should kick you out now, well he rattled me today as the last 48 hours have been horrible as I was going to drink again as I used to do and take my life -- even knowning how many people in my community would / might get hurt I took a few sleeping pills and passed out the Save On Foods ( Ya The OVERPRICED ONE that knows it and counts on non-educated people to spend their hard earned money on things that they can get cheaper --- The Money System is going to dry up as this is what this inflation is doing (ask Elon @elonmusk ) you know we got screwed the 10 richest people made 5 Billion while the workers lost 3.5 Billion (sound good for them ) they don't like you and will do anything that they can to take advantage of the Middle Class who the really want to make the NON EXISTINT CLASS look around at friends and family -- right before your eyes taunting you, the most obedient slave is the slave that thinks that he free

PEOPLE LISTEN -- I HAVE AN ILLNESS YA REALLY not the one(s) I have been mistreated for over the last 40 ( FORTY ) YEARS -- 4 DECADES but a MENTAL ILLNESS and now JAG is pushing a customer that has attempted to access Mental Health Services Still as I have a Doctor " Psycatrist " but since COVID 19 blew into this damn world I lost physical access to and have had to manage over a telephone (and it is nowhere the same) I still trust her 110% but the thing with mental illnesses is that they are a lot more subjective (visual) and this was not my nor my doctors fault as we had to try out best and then we found something that came up that we were not ready for and that was that the 40 years of TREATMENT were totally WRONG as it began before my drug use, and drinking after my DADDY passed away when he was 45 and I was 14 years old it was a RAPE as I have said before here by A Catholic Church Priest and this shit has been going on in the back rooms of the Catholic Church for a very, very long time long before I was here.. and I at the stage of yesterday had forgiven both a Church (The Catholic) and a (Priest) he was only doing what others what we're doing, and I talked to a Priest yesterday at the Church it occurred at, and I felt a TRUST also between this man and me .. it was a weird and all-consuming feeling (it was real) and I never expected it as I was able to ask Questions as a Man to a Man that I had never had a chance to do up until yesterday (YOU SEE WE ALL ARE HUMAN, VERY, VERY HUMAN) WERE A LITTLE DIFFERENT IN WAYS BUT WERE HUMAN

Today I found it after I cried again as I was very, very upset with myself and my behavior from yesterday as I screwed up in my eyes as I snapped and flipped out in a few places I called MY HOMES and I thought / knew I hurt some people I care very deeply about in a way that I had never felt since my born in family fell apart begins in 1970/69 when I was RAPED I cracked and was going to kill myself as I has a wine bottle stashed in a box and it with a few pills and other shit I thought I would be done

Hey did YOU really think that a CHILD of 10-12 would survive after a RAPE the loss of his DADDY at 14 years old in 1975 the loss of his sister in 1976 (who he made a deal with his DADDY to protect if something occured and he was not there did YOU then the constant beatings daily to drive me from the HOME my MOMMY & DADDY BUILT for their FAMILY DID YOU I was beat for at least a whole year pretty much from a man at 6 foot 3 and I was a KID a damn CHILD --- NO ONE CAME TO HELP unless they were paid highly by the Government look at Labries they had me put in YDC till they were ready (they should have got me ready for YDC and I once again NEVER COUNTED I WAS EASIER THAN AREAL JOB AS UNCLE OSCAR LABRIE well he was a DIRT FARMER --- I really mean this to and while I am living in this place the 1965 Caddilac Convertible disapears under weird and odd ways

Seems the 6 '3 monster took the car to a auto dealer in Morniville had it painted and cleaned a bit cost was $2500 and the a air force guy this jack-off knows buys it for $2500 so she made a ZERO as the car was worth something look azt the numbers this drop out number bullshit is about to get worse as then he borrows $ 1000 (never to be paid back again )

Now my sick with MS who has basically NO HELP from anyone just got screwed and I am supposed to be a happy KID LIKE ALL THE OTHER KIDS (THAT WILL WORK FOR THE FACIOTE EMPIRE before their light is flipped off and their xdead ) you actually thought and still think you can hurt me beaware


and NEXT and


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