Don't Sell Yourself Short ….

Concentrate on your assets all the time, Discover your superior talents and then work the hell out of them

where were in 5 years ago in the top ten categories of your life:



Physical & Fitness



Quality Of Life




In Your Living Arrangement's



Love and Relationship's

Business (s)

Life Vision

Okay it's 13.. It is my lucky number I was told

Write a paragraph for each one and then see how far you have come in the last 5 years to arrive to this spot on the map = 2020

Now lets see where you are going to be in 2025

Again start to design your map to your future as there is but a single thing I already know about all of you and that is you will get to 2025

Better you know what your going to be doing 5 years from now than to surrender it to the Gods called chaos as he is hunting and your in his path

Thank You

Lucien aka Mad Hatter


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