Dreams Are The Seedlings Of Reality + Q~4~U ~April 26/2021

"People see the world not as it is, but as they are." ~ Al Lee

I have been working on a Instagram account @madhatterexperience and learning much since April 2, 2021

I am having a bit of fun, and a [ Dream ]

I also signed up for a bunch of courses at Udemey and Codecademy, YC, and Khan Academy, Kindle Unlimited / Books lots of Books, EPL / Gale Courses, YouTube, and also having fun however it has taken up a lot of time ( I thought I was ready ) but I was NOT prepared for all of this "time gobble"

In my " QUEST " for Knowledge I discovered many websites that provided free or almost free education and a few "Tips & Tricks"

The Mad Hatter's T&T Vault a New Feature here on The Mad Hatter Experience blog

The [ Quest ] along with the [ T&T V ] -- will begin tomorrow when I focus on Self- Education and Personal Development [ P & D ] and Side Hustles, And of Course The Mad Hatter Experience (dot) com and Mad Hatter live in Edmonton

Thank you for stopping by and I will see you soon

Have a Great Day / Night


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