Dreams I'll Never See

I am almost the ancient one, after all I did and put my body through in its brief existance here in it's current incarnation.

Was listening and watching a few self-help videos earlier this afternoon on my day pass from the hospital as we do a incredible medication re-boot and social re-design of my entire life and world. Its only been 12 days of my treatment on this admission and I have been in two hospitals along with the "little" (large) Green Hat and I feel so much better in a very short time as we have better systems than even 6 years ago when I was last in the hospital I am currently in (3 years between phys c admissions which some docs and nurses have said is very good:

I see a fail and they see a success as I stayed off of

1) Weed 12 years clean

2) Nicotine 142 month 11 year 10 month clean

3) Opiate (less the Codeine) I needed for pain control (and I did slip a bit and bought a few codeine tabs off the street) I was blessed and incredible lucky that Suboxone was coming the next day after I was {stopped} 2010 -2019 clean

4) Alcohol (this one I am proud of as A.U.D. (Alcohol Use Disorder) kills a person on this planet every 10 seconds) I faced a few challenges while i was "disengaged" from the product---6 years 8 months clean

I wonder if we could teach our children and ourselves, the way (right or wrong) to change our states (mental / nerochemical) without the use of products that out right


Dreams baby dreams

I have seen many come true here in just the last 12 days here on Earth

I have seen LOVE

And for this IAM BLESSED

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