Driving A Banana Through The Concrete Wall Of Reality -

Sitting / OK standing here in the "bay window" just tucking in the day time, and watching a incredible sunset that was created in my "VS" / Visual Screen

Trying to keep in mind that this is the last day of the six (6) year path I needed to experience in this Modality Of Reality Experience (M.O,R.E.)

Our senses, Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Taste and Smell determine our perception of our life / world

Today as I was coming down the endless stairs in the endless stairwell the smell I was allowed was one of flowers and it rapidly engaged me in a world of my life when I was a child and my mother would dress up with dad to head out for the weekends

It was wonderful -- To be in that child like state with just the smell I had visions of fields to run in filled with various types of flowers and frolicking like a child : -)

Only me, and then I met some new neighbors as people are moving in to this incredible complex as word gets out that it is a HOME

It is nice to be HOME really nice as i looked all my days upon earth alone for a place to call MY HOME

It is right here in this City of Edmonton I missed it

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