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Two days ago I couldn't get my meds as his phone was missising, then stolen (I was sad and hurt for him) as he is my age and we get / along I thought

I can NOT deal with LIES --Yesrterday his samsung was miss8ing then stolen and the stolen by the meth head who he is emphaythic to (well his dickis)

The phone is back and for 3 days I have been lots lots of strange weird calls from all over the fucken place

Now I want to move and I need a new druggist -- I just do as the stairs are difficult as shit I am 61 and I atttempt to walk 4--6 Km a day to make people happy and it is a endless gid as there are always sad humans (always)

two days ago I stopped into get a bit of foood and my ensure choc was there I stopped in on my damn way back and he sent it with someone else as it was only my food he gave away * ensure is a food * when they went away and he made a excuse to defer the error (mistakes are OKAY ) LIES ARE NEVER OK


NOW HE is not dating a METH HEAD he just calls THEM THAT -- DRUGS FOR SEX this is weirder and weirder

I no longer can do this shit

this is screwed up

Here I Am Wasn't I -- I Stood For The TRUTH

While Others Hid

I Was Sacrificed and Tortured

While Others Ran

Look Straight Ahead No Talking To Talk Other U R ALONE

Addicted to the PHONE


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