Druggist Loses $6,500 A Year Plus On My Portfolio Of Chemicals As

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

I shift my account to a Pharmacist that at looks like I can't at till Mid-Night 5 days a week and even till 6 pm on Holidays And Weekends

And it has "stuff" in their store like Loo Paper, Ice Cream, and Pop etc. the one I am moving away from had almost zero

Then I come home, my stop across from the new drug place was first and I needed to piss, and was just NOT ready for what was coming (blood in my urine) great a new thing to deal with on top of everything else I have been attempting to understand

Then my crappy 10$ cordless phone dies and I am forced into now a decision to drop the land line and go cellular

I am not enjoying this set from this damn movie

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