Enter Into The World Of "The Light" / Lucien Day One (1)

Today when I was basically "allowed" to re-awaken into a new day, in a new world I needed to ask why I was "GIVEN" the "CROSS" I have carried for 35-37 Years of Mental Health (and) Why was I even "GIVEN" this incredible GIFT

As so many and so much death I was given to wittness (who amongst) you nor me sees all the suffering and death I was allowed to see

In that period so why have I been able to be sober for the last SEVEN (7) years


And what about my brain and Neuroplastisty worked as well as it did


It is like i am and have been given a 2nd chance at a life I was lost and then [[THEY]] yah you all know who YOU are

Saved me and my feeble attempt at any source of re-payment is just that "feeble" and I know that you don't even require it -- as you all just wish me to be happy as YOU KNOW some of what I have been through in my brief little life


God Bless YOU


And my Gratitude


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