Everyone Wants To Have Fun With A Schizophrenic But The Schizophrenic

Ever think of what it (was) [past tense] like to live in my head for a day, never mind a week, how about a month

Like paying rent and you get to move in for month

It is a horrible situation some days

Hey lets add some spice -- how about a bedsore that refuses to heal

lets add loneliness

lets add isolation due to having to stay away from his (my) old places (when I drank) I am sober now 6.5 years

Lets promise some shit to get him to even want to stay alive -- a simple chance

Mind Games then as I told a friend -- "I would rather get mentally __ __ CKed than physically as it lasts longer"

None of this shit make a difference as the planet at the rate were heading has maybe 12 years-- and it will be dead as me (today I die to the world) bye, bye

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