Exiled In Alberta In 2013 -2016

Only could happen to The Mad Hatter: As Played By Lucien J Faciote II

The Exile Saved My Life, But It Robbed me 37 months of something that is invaluable TIME (my life)

Then Fast Forward 36 months of living in YOUR world AGAIN and I find everything had a reason and what seemed harsh was kind, and loving to "TEACH" me the lessons I was in NEED of and YOU knew my heart and my soul

I found, kindness, caring,understanding, compassion, love, and then I learned to give back what YOU ALL gave unto me

I am so BLESSED for The Exile In Alberta as I was saved for eternity as I gave up just 73 brief moments (months) of earth time for - forever n my new place of HEAVEN is in my HEART

I owe YOU ALL so very much -- all I can do is serve -- so that is what I will continue to do on the streets of earth starting here in my HOME TOWN of Edmonton Alberta Canada

God I am so Blessed as IAM alive

It is only day 4 of of the psychological experiments in the lab between my ears



You all taught me well (OBEY) I will

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