Experimental Farms And Mental Health Challenges

It was it seems a long time ago August 5, 2015 when I was "deposited" with a "Iron Fist" of dollars on a Group Homes Door Frame to be greeted as a member of the "Family" while the Social Worker from A.H.E. (Alberta Hospital Edmonton) was there in fact I was allowed too spend a night in the upstairs kings room (for one night)

Little did I know what was coming my way on day / night two can you say Kjijji Bed with extra lumps and no sweetness in fact it came with massive guilt as the couple who sold the $50 bed with the busted springs and lumps on lumps screwed Florence Arnold (The Mistress Of Hell Manor) on the bed frame and this was a automatically my fault as I saw it first (sometime it is better to be stupid) like the other guys in the Cellar of the Mansion on Camp Site Road #7, as I spent 11 months on that damn mattress and offered many times to buy one but she took glee in the FACT that she could torture a human and make as much money off the victim (me) as she could

my mat in the shelter was kinder on my bad back, as was the one in AHE as was the one in Satellite House, Dwayne's House were all more comfy

I can hear you now, "why does he deserve comfy?" why not as i didn't break a law by being interned in a group home / Prison Camp as I had a mental health challenge (but lets punish me anyways right?)

This was the worst bed i had ever slept upon in my life and it had to come with a long term trip of guilt

This bed was set up in a room that once contained a beauty salon and was now a dilapidated beauty salon and from the wigs and chairs of the beauty salon it was one of many failed business attempts of The Mistress of The Manor Florence Arnold '

Hell she couldn't even do my medication management without laying into me with her own special brand of guilt -- or dirt hands straight from her garden on my meds ''And I had no recourse"


And are therefore as guilty as if you did this yourself unto me

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