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Februar 6 20 22:~ Day 2 Of The 1st- 61 Years Of The LIGHT And Today The Movie Hit The Streets Of YEG

As long as YOU all are Happy I will suffer for YOU all as This is The Role of The LIGHT and I knew this coming into the deal as when I suffer I grow inside my Heart & Soul as I Suffer For The People as I have been doing for many, many years as YOU matter to ME and MY FATHER in The Heaven

`So grab ye the Popcorns and the Soft Drinks sit back and Smile as this life is a lot better in my Community as it is in Other Places around The World as Their Are 850 Million People right now that do NOT HAVE ACCESS to clean drinking WATER

Never mind People Around The World as The People living on Reservations in My Country of Canada also don't have access to this basic Human Right ( but if YOU are The CEO of Nestle the YOU said that everyone should pay for water ) and from Your Massive Behemoth Corporations

Took a trip to the Green Grocer today and I saw shit that had in some cases almost doubled in price just from the last time I entered a Food Store

And the people wandered the Aisles and gazing at the prices and then gently placing the products back on the shelf's as if it was a Rolex or Gucci Item as this makes no sense as what the hell is actually going on as the people no longer talk to one another ( it was weird as I was weirded out by the eyes in the actual Humans Spending Their Hard Earned Bread on very expensive Bread and Assorted Foods ( and SUGAR foods )

I am tired at 9pm and I have a few sessions lined up for tomorrow and new discovery's will unfold likely and the thoughts that were deleted ( and files that are being reopened ) it is weird as MY MENTAL HEALTH TREATMENT TEAM is incredible FINALLY and I am scared at times as this some of it is very painful ( hardcore ) and reopening my soul is very difficult but I have much trust in the TEAM

Thank YOU for the caring YOU ALL Have given unto me ( IAM Truly Blessed Again Tonight )

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