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February 11, 2022:~ BEEN IN A PRISON of The MIND for 39 Long Years And NOW I COME "BACK TO LIFE"

WAKE UP after 39 years in a Hellish Space Called A Chemically Induced State as I had been --- ABUSED & TORTURED -- Physically, Mentally, Financially, Spiritually, and I was conditioned to think I was NO LONGER HUMAN ~ as I was allowed to be present in a Homeless Shelter At The Favorite Time of The Year yup at Christmas Time -- New Years. and I was not able to rent anything anywhere in my city that I lived in from 1978 to 2013 ( as the EXILE EXPERIMENT was UNDERWAY on ME ) so I lived on my own with no problem and then I was starting to be told YOU CAN'T Get your own place ( it was a 37 Month Exile Experiment until I realized I had possessed the KEYS TO FREEDOM all along )

The day I began to wake was the when I was Tortured on June 22, 2016 in a Dentist Office in a City outside the City I resided in all the 35 years I tried to figure ( what the heck is wrong with me ) and this occurred on Christmas Eve 2013 in The Homeless Shelter as I attempted to figure all the people that were either very, VERY PISSED OFF WITH ME or That had a basketball of cash to design the set at the Shelter where I was allowed to use a cot / bed for 55 days on first passage through ( I would go back after a few ( 2 ) months in Jail for Mischief )

Yup Mischief

This is why I never received a proper discharge from the University Hospital Mental Health Unit on December 4, 2013 as this was 90 full days ( making me the longest serving patient again

September 4, 2013 was a day that my LIFE CHANGED FOREVER as I was in a very HIGH mania phase ( if the diagnoses at the time were right ) BUT THEY NEVER WERE until June 22, 2021 when the world / life I had changed me forever and my Current Psychiatrist, says I now have PTSD and turns out all of the LONG 39 YEAR LONG EXPERIMENT was wrong all the time

It is Okay as He Still is a Mental Patient? Isn't He?

A a HUMAN BEING I think living through the last few years here in this World as something changed over the last few months as I am finding myself

I was heavy drugged all of those 39 years and the thing that I asked my Doctor when in May 2021 I asked and she agreed that we would take the injection away as I had to

See a actual BLUE SKY ? After 39 of this vision always looking through lens on eye balls that were not messed up chemicals

I asked this as the pain that I have been experiencing was about to open up as on June 6, 2021 I began having memories about Mental Health Workers Abusing The People That They Were In Charge of Helping ~ And I then a few weeks later began getting feelings as the clear mind treatments began and then I was only


1) Zoloft 150mg

2) Divil Priexe 500 mg / 250 mg

3) Beneotropine 1mg ( for the shakes from the above two ?)

And you know that NOW that I have awaken " maybe " you should have allowed me to sleep then again YOU need to find me in that HAIR

Do You Like The Above Photo

Thank YOU

If you want to help me out with a few dollars or more drop it at the Interact at you bank to

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