February 11, 2022:~ IAM Back And I Suspect Some Of You Already Knew Who I Was Before I Was BACK

Where is Jack, Jack Ma ? This is the guy that organized Alibaba & Ali-express and I haven't seen Jack Ma in a few or more months -- So Where Is Jack ??

But this post is about the weird shit that I have had to endure over my 39 Long Chemicalized Years that I was experimented on By The SOR = Structure Of Reality that controls well simply EVERYTHING -- and I MEAN EVERYTHING

I was here for a very long period before I was here now as now is here and will be again and in reality ( they actually OWN EVERYTHING -- Including YOU )

But who are THEY? IAM Often asked and after a little thinking in order to stay alive and as sane as I possible can be after Medications from 1983 to 2022 = 39 Years as maybe I see shit differently now as of the experiences I have actually gone through


Everything is all there is theirs and you don't get shit even if you work 60 - 100 hours weekly for your entire life all that you EARN is THEIRS as they allow you a bit of FIAT CURRENCY that has a built in inflation rate at what ever the rate maybe

I see good people -- that are unaware and system is really --- bizarre --

I will hint and I as WE NEED THE TRUTH

The world is run by the HEDGE FUNDS

1) Blackrock = 9.5 Trillion AUM ( Assets Under Management )

2) Vanguard =

3) State Street

The top Hedge Funds earned 64.5 TRILLION for their Clients in 2021

and the workers was losing their homes, businesses and were told to ( Mandated ) to lock our slefs in Isolation at the whims of the Doctors ( it seemed with me ) as before I switched family doctors after 9 years I have yet been Isolated

But under my Former Doctor I had that stick into the Brain 9x and I was locked down 10x ( 3 of the Sticks to my Brain took part in a kidnapping at a Hospital where I was held until I just walked out of the So Called COVID Unit as I was not having any sysmptoms this took place between March 16. 2020 ( when I lost the treatment on my WOUND that They Created to make more money ) as I asked the security that was called up to show that I was even here as I had no braclet and this was weird in a hospital as they always do this

My LIFE - Has changed so much in the NEGATIVE as it has been very divisive, as people were all changed by this damn experiment that was run on HUMANITY

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