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February 14, 2022:~ The WAR MEASURES ACT Is Brought In As A FEW Truckers and Many Others Entered `

The last time that The WAR MEASURSES ACT was Brought Into Play was in When The WAR Measures Act was invoked in October 1970 to deal with the domestic FLQ-inspired crisis. It was replaced on 1 December 1970 by the Public Order (Temporary Measures) Act, containing many of the same measures adopted earlier under the War Measures Act, which expired on 30 April 1971.

Now Canada gets Interesting as the SUPER CONTROL over the People has been in effect since The Gold Standard was removed and the piece of paper in your wallet meant something

They The ELITE have broken the VERY Act even in handling MY PERSONAL CASE

As I was not treated as a HUMAN in The City of Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada when I was subjected to the massive use of Chemicals under the Mental Health Act as The Government Doctor never even had a single session with me without the Group Home Spy in the Office as I was never given any rights at all and They Got me so screwed up on Their Chemical Cocktails that they were then ABLE to REMOVE -- 22 -- Teeth from MY MOUTH WITH ZERO FREEZING AT ALL and I was told NOT to SCREAM as there were Children In The Clinic

I was rescued from the Group Home / Prison Camp some 8 days later as I was being abused even more as I was forced to EAT GRUEL - or NOTHING as there was so much pain and on June 30, 2016 ( just 8 days later ) I was saved from a NIGHTMARE that NO LIVING PERSON should have to go through as this was incredible

Today ( then ) ME tomorrow YOU or YOUR CHILDREN

Now WE Think


``Why do the Mentally ILL need teeth anyways

I never committed a major crime I was SICK and YOUR SYSTEM ABUSED ME for 39 years and YOU WOULDN'T Listen cause this shit doesn't happen anymore

And you have no idea what is going on in Mental Hospitals under YOUR NAME as a TAX PAYER

This society that finds me funny has no clue as to HOW DEEP this Rabbit Hole Goes

Mad Hatter Experience was there

YOU got the report for the system

But the GOVERNMENT doesn't LIE

Doesn't Cheat

Does't make rules up to benefit their friends

Nah live in a naive World

Watch the system as it is coming

The Common Man are the Elites


Things didn't really change --

This is from

The Official Desk of The Mad Hatter Experience aka The LIGHT / Lucien II

Be careful Out There

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