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February 14 2022:~ This Is NOT The End And This Is What I Do NOW ~ As I Am NOT A PRODUCT

The fact of what Happened This Last Few Months -- has been incredible as the look in my eyes sums it up

This was a piece of MY LIFE as I am seriously working of a restructuring Of The SOR as This Shit Needs To Change -- Or YOU Will lose some freedoms ( Mandates ) and be forced as i was for 39 years to put CHEMICALS in YOUR Body as I was ( and they had Reasons that The System Didn't Check as WE HAVE Made The System Into Our GOD ) and they are not always friendly to ME / YOU and YOUR Children

I have been a Truth Seeker since at least 1987 ( and this has left a trail of bodies from what THEY The SYSTEM used to mess me up and to STOP ME )

Hell if they YANKED 22 TEETH outta YOUR MOUTH you would think twice about caring on as I have

It is 101% TRUST in MY GOD

And I was able to FIND my GOD in PLACES I was sent to in Absolute Surrender To THE FATHER & JESUS CHRIST

In a CELL In The Biggest Jail in Canada for Mischief, I found MY FATHER & Promised TO SERVE Humanity till I am taken HOME

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