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February 17, 2022:~ Day 21 Of ~ The Earth Revolution Man ~ Is Alive And Nearing HOME Plate

If ya all been a tracking or absorbing the data flow of feeds from all the NEW Media Outlets ( including ) @facciottimedia as the world has had a cosmic shift that began on January 28, 2022 in the Country Known For The People who care about each other and the small group ( at birth ) of dedicated Warriors in Semi Trucks and Trailers ( the Hard Working Men and Women Of Canada and the went from the West Coast to Ottawa to the Very Grounds of Political Power under the Liberal Party of Canada ( lead by Justin Trudeau ) the son of Pierre Trudeau who seems shit scared of The Working Men & Women of " OUR " Canada --- and today is day 21 and the Elected Leader did something that HAS NEVER IN THE LONG HISTORY of OUR COUNTRY ever BEEN DONE -- He SET in Motion The Old WAR MEASURES ACT ( that was renamed to trick us into believing it was " softer " as the ELECTED ELITE never wanted the Masses to know exactly what type of SYSTEM we were all working in ) It became THE EMERGENCIES ACT in 1988 -- weird but this is only one year after I was in the FRAY of Protesting here in Alberta -- Against the WCB ( Workers Compensation Board ) a Government run ( arms length ) Insurance scam that Shields Employers from Liability for Injuries on their JOB SITE ( even when they are at fault )

See below -----

This is a somewhat interesting picture of the way that I feel in my head at times as I have been saying

" we as people of this planet are and have been slowly getting turned into SLAVES of the Elite 1% as it would surely seem me are. "

Book List -- Davos Man - How Billionaires Devoured The World = Peter S Goodman

-- Who Rules The Earth = Norm Chomsky

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