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February 2 20 22~ In The Moment Of The LIGHT ~ I Didn't Want To Be Here But My God Insisted I OBEY

Was 7 Years 9 Months 11 Days that I got to my KNEES in my Prison Cell at ERC after 85 long days of 23 HOURS A DAY LOCKED UP ALONE and just 1 Hour Out Of That Damn CAGE ~ My CRIME WAS MISCHIEF -- And Misbehaving ( I told a Social Worker in a Public Library that I was going to KILL MYSELF ) this was after I asked the HOUSING Director AT THE HOMELESS shelter that I needed a place to move to and with her black patent leather boots crossed upon her desk she decided my fate " you have to be homeless for a year before I help you " --- oh fuck was all that ran through my mind as I had $ 3,700 in the bank and I was getting refused everywhere as I pretty much had no " LAST ADDRESS " due to what went down -- even though I lived in Edmonton all my life and I was 52 years old I was fucked right now and all I could see was the fucken black leather boots and this girls mean fucken scowl as I was done - as I was homeless already for 55 days and spent Christmas Homeless and got fucked over by a old friend I grew up in St Albert on Gresham Blvd I was in 44 his family was 56 and my dear dad who passed away in 1975 was at war with this pricks dad and now it was a son attacking me as his dad was dead also ( the meal he took me for was a Styrofoam box of white steamed rice, with a couple of strips of some sorta dead animal on it in a hole in the wall place ) when we went back out to his car I asked if he could drive me over to the shelter and what he said fucked me over more as he said " I can't as I am going or dinner with MY Family " fuck so my damn meal was a snack before a real dinner he was gonna have ---

and this mother fucker is a physiologist with a major drinking issue like daddy who fucked me over --3 DUI's and later a 1 year licences pull and the drink still had him it was just sad

This was the day that I was gonna lose my life as I would not regain my life from September 4, 2013 when this show began till October 1, 2016

There will be more of my story soon

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