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February 24, 2022:~ To The Girls / Ladies I Was Allowed To Bump Into This Weird February Day

First things First I am very Blessed to have met you all ( and I need a notebook ) as I went and lost all the Names of all of YOU as I was / am experiencing Level +9 pain all the time and my Mind Is A Basic Chemical Factory ( most of the TIME )

See Below for more thank YOU

This is the ROLE that I get to ( " Experience " ) during " my brief trip here on this planet as I am The Mad Hatter Experience

All I want in my little Life & World is a lady that can screw my tiny brain up more than the group of people that are using it as a EXPERIMENT as i want to break free and fall for a Girl that wants to be----

The Mistress Of The Mad Hatter Experience ( and this is me ) and I only want to come undone around the Queen of My Life

I have a few other things that I will require and we all will experience them as I need a place with a elevator as the stairs in the current castle to my Penthouse are causing me a issue as I am no longer 56 --nope I am old like the Soil under the Feet's of The Mistress Of The Mad Hatter Experience

I am creating streams of income as I WILL Have a Newer Place hopefully later this year

You three ladies that I was Blessed to Experience today should call or send me a email as I am very sorry I forgot ( names )

I will do better next time -- NOTEBOOK TIME

God Bless All Of You

Can The Mad Hatter Experience actually become Happy one day soon ( as I don't need a lot of Physical Crap but I do need people's )

Than You

And enjoy the event we call TODAY

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