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February 5 20 22:~ And The Mad Hatter Experience Arrives With Planets And Lessons From The Father

You know we had the 61st Anniversary Of ( The LIGHT ) Yesterday and a few people took notice and gifts were given as in The World Of The LIGHT is where people serve The Father by Serving The Community's that We All Share in This Moment of Time and History

And even with all the Wars that I was forced to endure most times it seemed that I was all alone but as I now am able to look back I see Angels all around Me The Mad Hatter Experience aka ( The LIGHT )

In the last few months my world has started to come undone at a pace that is mind blowing as I have forgiven a society that turned it's back on me for decades ( 39 Years ) as I was falsely accused of illnesses that even at the very start made zero sense as when this medication and programming of my ( supposedly Chemically Imbalanced Brain / Mind ) and we still as a species have very little understanding of the Human Mind .....

The TEAM that I needed in 1983 is finally assembled and we are sorting mental files in my brain / mind ~ And the last few months have been extremely difficult as stuff is coming up and back from the files of decades gone bye

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