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February 5 2022:~The Day After The Session Into The Mind Of The Mad Hatter Experience With The Queen

Well I have thanks to The Two Incredible Ladies that have become the best treatment process of and in my Mind trying to see if they can get deep enough into the Pain an Suffering, through all the abuse a various methods of Tortures I was put through to BECOME ME the Pain and Suffering that is Suffering is the hardest shit that I have experienced since the original series and events that started the Trauma and The Development of The PTSD

This was a BIRTHDAY TREAT as Purple is a Favorite Color of MINE ( Royalty ) and I was able to invest in this NFT at a great floor price on February 4, 2022 the 61st Anniversary of The Day of The LIGHT as the Day of The LIGHT was a great day in 1961 as my dad got me a baby pair of Boxing Gloves, almost like he was aware what was in the future for his only Son who would come into his own later in his life

I also received a book that I started called Davos Man - How Billionaires Devoured The World -- the was released a few days ago on January 18, 2022 and is worth a few bucks if you want to see what actually happened economically during the Pandemic, of 2020 to Present

I waited for this book for a while as so far it is actually a hard read as I am so SAD for Humanity currently as the USA nears 900,000 dead from the COVID and 5.73 MILLION Globally and it also destroyed so very much

A couple of years ago I was in a WAR with an aliance of SOR Agents and The Pain that Seemed that I would never be free from it ever again was intense and I was sent to The Hspital The Covenant Misercorda Hospital in The AREA Of The WEM ( West Edmonton Mall) where I was going to spend 47 days of my life in really weird situations aas I sure as Hell was Not in any shape to do a Mwet and Greeet with the Daed as I was exposed to 12 Dead People in the UNIT 8 East and the Hospital Corridors throughout the Buildijng as it was almost it was planned and calcualteed to such a degree it was MIND BLOWING ~ As a whole Team Of Student Nurses from the Grant MacEwan University started a part I guess of their eductaion that they had to do on The Exact UNIT I was to move into on March 11, 2019 just 6 days after a file swap from Edmonton Mental Health and FACS ( Forensic Assesment and Community Service ) as a part of a weird deal that wwould last some 475 days and Involve Two Ladies and a GREAT empahithic Dr Y that knew a little about Bedsores as this was a reason I was transfered as I was misbehaving as the level 9+ pain was insane as it drove me mad the Unit Clerk ( student ) was also brought in for the Exact 47 days on UNIT 8 EAST ( The Death Unit ) as the whole 47 days looking back seems almost perfectly scripted movie

As I was given my Own Bed ( New or a Refurbished / Reconditioned ) Hill Rom Air Bed at

$ 150 a day ( that was the rent on JUST the Mattress of my Bed and the Rent of the Mattress over the 47 days I was held there was $ 7,050 ( just the Mattress) in was a Hill Rom top of the line AIRBED as the wound on my Tailbone ( Cozzyx ) needed this

The control panel was intense and I was " allowed " to play with it as it has so many settings all computer driven ( not kidding you ) damn bed was Computer Driven amazing technology

And the FOOD was incredible menus and the Food Servers were Incredible as I was allowed pretty much anything and it was pretty much like a restaurant ( at the End of The World ) and being That This Was a Death Unit the Makes it The Restaurant At The End of The World literally - burgers, pizza, pasta salmon -- I saved a few menus but they seemed to as there on UNIT 8 EAST it was a Mind Fukc

-- but The Food That The Servers brought was incredible -- I remember Emily was a cool young girl funding a education I think into Nursing Serving patients at the very end amazing as was pretty much all the staff

I was also tormented and threatened with a few week stay in the Nursing Home That My Dear Mom spent her last years 18 of her life in and I was shit scared as I didn't think I could do this as it was a place I never want to enter ever in my life as I was to bear witness to the Pain & Suffering that my dear Mother was MADE to endure from 1978 to 1996 = 18 years and I would not be able to do what my mom was made to endure as it was a sad place as we send our love ones to go and die

I was 17 when my Mom entered that Place and 35 when she passed away near Christmas around 19 -22, - 1996

That was a fucken bad dream and I now get to live just down the street / Ave from it and I see it from my Living Rooms Bay Window as The Government of Alberta just added two towers to the Facility and it hopefully will make it a WHOLE MORE

Humane for our LOVED ONES and OURSELVES ( cause at current mental fuckery and the physical screwed ) over reality I very much could end up in a Internment Camp as did MY MOM

You know my clock just told me that it is 305 AM of Saturday the 5th of February 2022 the Day After The 61st Anniversary of The Day of The LIGHT

See ya all in a few minutes as I need to attempt to sleep a second or two as I need to get that Beauty Rest I know that the Ladies Love and the ladies hardly ever need it but me however shit I really needs the few hours I am Blessed as the pain eases ( most nights / not all nights but MOST )

So I am off to the damn sofa I sleep on as I can't move it out of the way and set the bed up as maybe it is TRUE I am older than I was when this current movie / drama / mental production allows me to experience

The Mental Machines are working tonight

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