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February 6 20 22 = I Did A Good Thing Today As The Mad Hatter Experience - I Was Able To Make People

Smile ~ and I have been holed up in the Penthouse all year as the pain is very real but today I was almost done as the pain was so intense and then after a welfare check by The City of Edmonton Police Officers ~ I decided that if I was going to HURT that maybe I SHOULD JUST ENJOY the PAIN ~ Now I don't believe in my mind that I just said and wrote that ~ Now I don't get this shit much right now


When we feel pain, all sorts of feel-good chemicals get pumped into our system as a way to cope. Endorphins, anandamide, and adrenaline are all responsible for that “heat buzz” after a hot wings challenge.

Really hey?

Now as a Direct Result of The Prep Work that has taken over me in the last few months I may have TURNED A CORNER


As the Costume ( Mad Hatter Experience ) alters MY STATE even before I step a single foot outside the Penthouse as it is like

Now GOD Takes OVER my Heart & Soul and Guides Me and basically carries me through the intense pain

After I am back at the Penthouse for 30 -60 Minutes the Pain starts again and then a series of pills from

Tylenol, Naproxene, Gabapentine, Tramadol and Suboxene begins as the Goal then is to create a Pain Managed State ( PMS ) sorry ladies

Okay so now I think I was able to learn something very, very IMPORTANT today as Thoughts Are Things as it States in Napoleon Hills MasterWork Think & Grow Rich as when we control the mind we automatically control the thoughts

If I says that it hurts God / and My Neurophysiology gives me what I am thinking about and the Brain / Mind can not hold two opposing thoughts at the same time and when I am allowed to MAKE HAPPY PEOPLE - ( MHP ) it comes back at me through Echopraxia as this shit is genius as when one begins to start to understand all this mental science stuff we can alter first our ( Internal States ) and once we control the Internal State we get to play around with ( External States ) like what if I use body motion dressed up in my bathrobe ( this was my first time today ) and it was extremely funny as who gets to walk around in a bathrobe and go grocery shopping in a bathrobe along with MY BIGGER THAN LIFE GREEN MAD HATTER HAT a stick, and Sunglasses

Like what the hell am I doing?


I am Making Happy People ( MHP ) and that is YOU as this is the JOB that my EMPLOYER ( GOD ) wants me to do during a very horrible period in the HISTORY of HUMAN KIND

And that is ALL That I want I just want make HUMANITY a little bit BETTER as MY EMPLOYER ( GOD ) Created me and used my Family From Italy, Algeria, and The Ukraine to have my Grandpa Pass Away in 1960 his Name Was Lucien Facciotti I and I was the ONE that was selected to carry on the Family Name a honor I sometimes feel over whelmed by as my Dear Mother & Father made me a part of them as I am and they both died for me to live

Lucien Jean Edgar Faciote II

Lucien = Grandpa

Jean = My Mother

Edgar = My Father Faciote = ME & ME Alone

This was a difficult post as I am slowly thanks to my TEAM to be able to OPEN UP as it is so very, very difficult when you ( ME ) have been dead in my Heart / Soul / my Brain / Mind as the TEAM creates ways of OPENING ME UP -- I have finally began to TRUST some people for the First Time since I had Parents back in 1972 as when my Dad moved out I was in a state that i was dreaming as this shit happens only in the TV world and then my Dear Mom came down with a Mysterious Sickness that a kid was not told about and the slow deterioration of my Mom began --- I would watch the Movie of My MOM over the next 24 years as she tried to shield me and my little sister but when you see your MOM losing physical control of her body and life it will effect you as 1972 I was around 11 years old

That slow Mysterious Sickness was MS and it was fucken horrible in the next few decades as it took my Mom away from me till she was freed from the Prison of Her Body and went back HOME to be with MY DAD and GOD in 1996

I watched her in a Nursing Home from 1978 to 1996 = 18 Years

This one was damn hard to write through tonight on this day the 2nd day of the 61st Anniversary Of The LIGHT

Thank YOU ALL for giving a shit about me

God Bless Humanity

Pray for peace on OUR Planet EARTH as this is The Only Place Our Species has ever known and unless Elon Musk gets a whole lot of shit just right we are here for a long time still so LETS .....



Thanks People

God Bless YOU ALL

The LIGHT & GOAT -- Lucien Jean Edgar Faciote II ( Lucien in Latin = The LIGHT )


That does actually Means ALL OF YOU

If you can help with a few of the costs for running the Mad Hatter Experience you can direct deposit via your bank and interact at

Thank YOUALL For Listening Tonight / Today


If YOU JUST SMILE I would be more than Happy in My Mind and Energy Canister ( Body )

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