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February 6 20 22:~ Can You Come OUT And Play On The Streets Or Has The Script Gotta A Hold Of YOU?

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

My daddy always sayz that we need Re-Invention, Constantly as Life is a Experiment

and it is better to live a fast life and a good looking corpse and he lived this as he was gone at 45 years young in 1975 ( but he jam packed that 45 years doing more shit that 80 year old do ) it was screwed up as a Young ( if I was ) boy to see the shit my super hero was doing for the brief few years I was allowed in the same space as a Giant --He Was Always Blowing Up ( living large ) as he was and still is my Super Hero ( and at 2 days in to my 61st Anniversary Of Being This Generations LIGHT I now have A Social Obligation that I made with God )

This is ME ---

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