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Febuary 10 20 22:~ I Know Longer Care As I Was NEVER Supposed To End This WAY " Sorry " to YOU ALL

Today I am so tired as I am in nasty as shit pain again and I set a deal up that has come to haunt me as a " friend " made a deal that he would assist me when I needed it all I have to do is stay CLEAN from the WEEDS -- I have since July 27, 2020 ( 563 days = 1 year, 6 months and 14 days or 18 months and 14 days ) smoked but ( 2 ) TWO Joints a night when the pain was so freaken bad and I was out of OPIATES ( which are okay as they come from a doctor ) so a Doctor making me a Addict / Junkie to OPIATES is cool as this is LEGAL well fuck the WEEDS are also LEGAL

So why am I doing this shit as this is fucken insanity as it has been 233 days since I was diagnosed ( by a DOCTOR ) with PTSD and this is the major MENTAL HEALTH CHALLENGES that I now have as all the other LABELS that I have seem to have VANISHED as if a MIRACLE has taken place --- OKAY as it is amazing how all the BULLSHIT Mental Illness Diagnosis that THE DOCTOR / GOVERNMENT ? / BIG PHARMA have said I had seemed to be a LIE ----

See, Below for more of this total INSANITY that I SURVIVED Through since 1983 ( 5 years only after I was driven from my HOME TOWN ) where the original TRAUMA started ----

Look at this GUY -- Elon MUSK -- who said he put up $ 6 Billion if someone could design a program ( using open source accounting ) to feed the world

I need some people ( that are competent around me as The Mad Hatter Experience ) to take my new buddy Elon Musk up on this very generous offer ( as he knows that this experiment is gonna cost big bucks - BIG BUCKS ) wonder if Elon has read " The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard )

Today I am going WEED Hunting ( and this is so damn easy as to compared to when I was growing up as the GOVERNMENT in Cannabis err no Canada has gone made it legal and now it is as easy as a bus ride and a dance across the streets of Edmonton but a NON LISTED Phone number has been calling right around now and I have missed it 2 X

Time to go--- see ya soon

God Bless And if YOU can afford to help me out a few buck s to would be great you can use the interact at your bank thank again

The LIGHT & GOAT -- Lucien Jean Edgar Faciote II

Later All

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