Finally A Prophesy That I Saw Coming

I have been talking / praying to God & Jesus Christ about NOT allowing the Physical World to Control me .. And now I am it would seem be surrendering up my body as I have a weird neurological event happening in my human (yah I might be insane likely am *however* no one has ever been hurt by me)

.. this last year plus (October 15, 2018 till December 20, 2019 = 431 day, 14 plus months) has been hard on everyone even closely related to this case/ wound / surgery / 2 hospitalions / and now we (you /me) are being slammed 5 days with my body turning on itself -- I do NOT wish to goo slow … saw my dear mom go that way \ it took 18 long years and it hurt me

Sunday is the anniversary of her freedom from the prison that was her very body December 2219 forgot till FRIDAY 13 this December -- just A FEW daze ago

I just want the pain I have spread in the last few months to end *your pain* I am so very sorry j

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