FitBit Data Today

Steps = 17, 310 (target 10,000)

Miles = 7.77 (target 5)

this is daily

I was just ordered to bed its 8pm (by a smart girl / lady) told you Mad Hatters freedom is coming to a end

And I just want a "state change" product -- 58 years old gong on 12 (amazing)

there are so many incredible, pretty, smart, a little aggressive, young, f**K it their geniuses in my little messed up, screwed up, HatteriZed World right now I am the Most Blessed man I ever was as I only wanted to be able to walk up and down 111ave Edmonton Alberta and give away Werthers Candies, and all these Girls/Ladies made for it to happen

and the Girls / Ladies said "Hatter you wish is our command" and so the "legend of 111ave began" (you Girls / Ladies) are amazing

WOW - the story in the Rat Creek Press for October 2018 said I needed three things

1) housing (check got that with the best management team and landlady ever) I get to see the land lady tomorrow and sign a lease and be in the presence of beauty

2) food (check got that it is 200-300 and a food bank stop)

3) Medical (check --what you ally have pulled off in this last year has been amazing as I recently learned what occurred in surgery, thank you for the save)

The rets is extra -- hey I get a bottle a day (water) in an Italian cafe (and a cake someways and soon I gets to eats actual solid foods, (3 days now till my relined dentures are back)

You know, peeps we have everything (and now Amazon Prime, to get it to us in 2 days) best time in the history of humanity too be here

However I only need books and sticks

but its now 834pm and I don't want to be told twice to go to bed, as I still have yet to forget the first BC (Behavioral Contract) and already know the entire group at (The Agency) is slapping a secondary one on within the next while

What you actually thought they would allow me to live as a free man in Mental Chains that is kind of funny

Night its 842pm (and on a Saturday) let me add, Guys you think I have it hard now, MY future is so bright I will need to wear sunglasses

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