From 38 Years In A Bottle to 6 Years In A Void To Freedom Beyond Belief

First of all this is an illusion as am dead, (right) as I died on the morning of February 15, 2013 at Unit 1301e at 930am (the exact timing of my sobriety)

And then I entered HELL a place the soul passes through on it way to HEAVEN and I finally after 6 years in HELL get a "get out of HELL card" and am "allowed" to migrate to HEAVEN itself

Then I needed to go through the gates of HELL

And now it has been just 14 days (August 21, 2019 when my HOLY HOLE was pronounced HEALED) till September 4, I am a new born one here amongst humanity itself

But as I needed to suffer as the last 6 years went bye as I pushed beyond the limits of reality

Who knew I would even exit this last run with HELL (the wounds that went on for 310 days , 10 months 6 days)

YOU ALL did this for me so I could be, a LIGHT out of a dark place for you all also

I am humbled and honored that YOU ALL chose me for this (mission /event)

And now, see next post -- may I proudly present Key Lo as The Mad Hatter Experience and as

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