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Government Theft

They OWN US think about it for a DECADE yah 10 years i don't

  1. drink booze

  2. Smoke cigarette

  3. Come off Opiate Medicine 2x by myself as Mental Health & Addiction is for Rich Suburban Children who die from Opiate Medicine as did my tribe but we were expendable but The Picked Fence Suburban Kiddie's start dying and it's a Opiate Epidemic

  4. Weed from 2006 to 2020

  5. Stopped Benzodiazepines ( tranquilizer)

And I begin to build my Family Legacy Project A Library of Media from Vinly, Cds and Books in three forms Audible, Digital (Kindle) and Print along with Super 8mm And 8mm films from my CHILDHOOD

Who the heck are you people who get to just TAKE The work of a DECADE PLUS

The Government FUCKED ME and we have to look at the path

I'm a little bit of a weird RADICAL who has been doing this work for decades all by lonesome as I work better alone as no one else gets crushed when THEY come at me

And as my 10 Year AA Chip day approached my excitement about the trip I was looking back at was PRETTY COOL

As I did my first sober Christmas in the OLD HERB addy O8U and I stayed weed, cigarette, opiate and booze free

And I was tested to push me over the edge

I was tossed in to jail for a few days and then out to Building Three AHE And Then 10-1 then 10-1a under Lisa my owner for a bunch of months ( they can do pretty much all they want to you under ownership law FORM 10) and the Evil Social Worker Katherine

I was shipped around the city and countryside over the next 37 months for the crime of being short $500 to a Billionaire Landlorder "playing friend " to a AISH Recipient, 12 / 911 calls made from me who likely pocket dialed and telling a Public Library Stupid Social Worker I was going to kill myself after the HOUSING PRINCESS at the Homeless Shelter finally opened the door to her office

i arrived December 4, 2013 and it was January 27, 2014 and after numerous notes with my number her Palace Door was open and I was just giddy

Her legs were crossed over on the desk and she was very aware that she had power over the mental health treatment and issues of her chattel's as I was a little more than dust this morning and her beautiful glossy black boots casually crossed over on the desk

Then they moved ( yes her lips) said " I can't help you till you have been homeless for a year". I have yet to do 2 months she has to be fucken kidding but she said she was not

This is a weird it was 5 months since my punishment by the BILLIONAIRE BUDDY/bully as I am not sure what to say about it but it is now


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