Had A Good Afternoon In Edmonton Thanks To SNOW! Yup Snow Day Today

Got in all 7 days of exercise this week, I am not stopping cause doctors say I should walk / play less (then they set -up (design) Behavioral Contracts) --I am supposed to keep walking at 5 miles a day = 35 miles a week (it is now at 45.48 miles this week)

Now if my girl / lady friends want to set up them B.C.(Behavioral Contracts) maybe we can work it out

And now IAM supposed to die as I don't own a TV and they only have the Blog (which they helped with shit to) to defer to what I should do, ---It is and has become a cop out for them over the life of the Blog ((or at least since I embarrassed them with it)

So I Blog an talk about all sorts of Schizophrenic Sh*t (nurses at Link) hate me as I have taken names for data reasons (had a lawyer and he advised me on the power of notes) [HEY BUY A FEW GREAT NOTEBOOKS-- GO TO STYLUS AT 105ST 102AV EDMONTON ASK FOR JAMES AND SAY MAD HATTER SENT YOU, HE CAN HOOK YOU UP WITH A CRAZY GOOD JOURNAL

You should see "my" sky, right now, it is crisp

had a Wedding in my Neighborhood, African Couple was "classy and very beautiful" made me pause and reflect about the future of the species and the next generations as I fight for you, or do I?

Or am I just caught up in a dream and stuck in a moment of time that I will never escape as what if I am truly insane (or perhaps it is you my friends that are insane)

And what if the whole place died a very long time ago

what if it all was hidden, as a lot of (reality) is and has been and ...

a lot of this incredible place we all share as a home has already left us , millennia ago and it is no longer ever talked about

So here is the deal -- a lot (and certainly not all) of us do things to make us feel better about ourselves -- In the form of drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, etc we mark our bodies with art, (taboos) we use body jewelry --to alter the human specimen that I may or may not actually be aloud to call the"(M.E.)" in me

I am wearing a Dog Collar from here on out --->> and this came as a direct result of a argument (disagreement) over a few 100$ and a "power/struggle" between the rich man (a lawyer and the guy with a damn big hat) that is GREEN and that would of course be me:

Someone (a very pretty ) young girl // lady asked me earlier this week "what do you do?" she meant for fun?

I do this thing that I make other people happy, walking 30-50 miles a week at, now I got a blog (YOU ARE HERE)

what do I do? ----> I think she actually meant --> "what do you do to change your state?"

I get to change mine still as I thought that was over, as I altered my neruochemistry for 38 years, you actually mean I still have a option

I wear a Big Green Mad Hatters Hat and Make PEOPLE Smile, makes me happy till I get home and download the files --then I get sad (and I generally cry and attempt not to become a burden daily)


Going to go play

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