Hey Annette I Trusted "YOU" To As A Friend

And you stole from me when I was in "Unit 8 East" somewhat scared of what was about to occur to me and my body / life and world

Annette YOU stole Newspaper Stories about me that I was / am very proud of just so you could say YOU know Lucien Faciote (aka) The Mad Hatter

YOU are a Civic Employee and wear a uniform (Bus Driver) and I "Trusted"" YOU with ITEMS that are dear to me as most of the time when we hear about people with my Mental Health Challenge (Schizophrenia) it is in some negative light and I am and have been working hard for me personally for almost 23 months under the dome of "The Mad Hatter"

I am going to add your email address here as maybe someone without a Mental Health Challenge can convince YOU to get my stuff back to me and YOU can become an (UN-Thief)

If you stole from me what else do YOU steal and are they Bus Transit Patrons who maybe forgot a knapsack, a purse a phone a book

Once a thief always a thief (I knew a few of you in my past life)

I just wanted my sh*t back that you under false pretentious STOLE from me:

Three newspaper story's that you said you were going to frame for me




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