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Holy Crap- IAM In Massive Pain All Day and Now Into The Night I No Longer Wish I Do It Choices? NOPE

This entirety has been a day from hell and I have been praying all day as the pain began early and it is 914pm my and it is still running hard at me

I has no Choices nor Helps --And I is ready to quit but God * Catholic * Contrary * to what I was told by the priest that God does NOT LOOK BAD AT THESE two other priests say that Opps hang on as yes, he does

This is NO LONGER A FUNNY SITUATION as shit it the headache is a 10+ and I 920pm I just found a few Suboxone 2'mgs (thanks to The Holy Father and Jesus Christ and a bunch of Angels GOD I am Blessed here right now)

As it does say in Napolean Hills Classic Book " Think and Grow Rich"

Thoughts are Things and Very Powerful Things at That

enjoy the Book as it can change your life and world

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