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Homeless vs HomwardTrustEdmonton

Title: "Unveiling the Truth: Homeward Trust and the Homeless Industrial Machine"


The issue of homelessness is a pressing concern in many cities, including Edmonton. Organizations such as Homeward Trust have emerged and claimed to play a pivotal role in addressing homelessness. However, skepticism persists among some individuals who question the effectiveness and transparency of these organizations. This essay aims to explore the question of whether the people of Edmonton truly know the accurate number of homeless individuals residing in the city and whether Homeward Trust is truly dedicated to helping the homeless or is part of a larger "homeless industrial machine."


I. The Role and Mandate of Homeward Trust

A. Introduction to Homeward Trust

- Background information on Homeward Trust, its mission, and its relationship with the city of Edmonton

B. Gathering Data on Homelessness

- Overview of Homeward Trust's methods for estimating the number of homeless individuals in Edmonton

- The implementation of the biennial homeless count and its limitations

C. Public Perception and Awareness

- The extent of public knowledge and awareness of homelessness in Edmonton

- The role of Homeward Trust in disseminating information and promoting public understanding

II. Skepticism and Criticism of Homeward Trust

A. Lack of Transparency and Accountability

- Concerns about the accuracy and reliability of data provided by Homeward Trust

- Critiques regarding the allocation of funding and resources

B. The "Homeless Industrial Machine" Hypothesis

- Examination of the notion that Homeward Trust operates as part of a larger system that perpetuates homelessness rather than solving it

- Criticisms of the influence of various stakeholders, including government bodies and private organizations, in shaping homelessness strategies

III. Perspectives on Alternative Approaches

A. Grassroots Initiatives and Community Involvement

- Highlighting local initiatives and community-driven efforts to address homelessness

- The potential for these community-based approaches to complement or challenge the work of Homeward Trust

B. Calls for Increased Transparency and Accountability

- Discussing the importance of open dialogue and involvement of diverse voices in shaping homeless policies

- Exploring suggestions for Homeward Trust to enhance transparency and public trust


The issue of homelessness in Edmonton is a complex and multifaceted problem. Homeward Trust, as a key organization in addressing homelessness, has faced scrutiny and skepticism from those who question its and effectiveness. While it is crucial to consider the limitations and shortcomings of any organization, it is equally important to acknowledge the efforts made by Homeward Trust and other entities involved in combating homelessness. By fostering constructive dialogue, increasing transparency, and encouraging community involvement, we can strive to create an inclusive and compassionate society that addresses the needs of those experiencing homelessness.

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