How Did YOU ALL Do This FOR ME?

You Saved The Light (The Light in Latin = Lucien)

More info about the name "Lucien"

Lucien is a French variant of Lucianus, ultimately derived from Lucius. Lucius originates in Latin language and means "light of the day". This was the name of several popes, saints and kings. It has never become as popular as its feminine derivatives, such as Lucia, Lucy, etc. As a masculine given name its usage has been rather rare in modern times.

I went for a walk on September 4, 2013 and just got LOST in YOUR LOVE


I remember turning the Key Lo on The Door of 1301e -8820 Jasper Ave Edmonton Alberta Canada

And Look what happened

I found LOVE of my Life in all the people

Thank YOU ALL for The SAVE

God Bless

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