How It Takes A Community To Raise A Schizophrenic

From my Family (who have more than a "fair" share for all their lives), to a few friends and, the masses who couldn't deal with the crazy s**t all of these years

This illness is tough, and even when we bring up another Human that has this EXTREME challenge in their path we use isolating words like "my sisters friend knows one" or have "a cousin" who I have talked to a few times (it is like we have done a little bit as babysitting was never part of it) a friendship, family etc.

How about the people in the path of a on-coming freight train (a fully fueled "one of them") who refuses medications / treatments --The Road Warriors (EPS) (EMS) (EFD) the Men & Woman who are up all night keeping our streets clean, the Crews that keep our lights, water, and infrasture up all night, The Men and Ladies on The Health Link and Access 24/7 liness who are there dealing with the stuff we can't

Tonight (this morning) -- Hell World IAM a 21st Century Schizoid Man and IAM Just Doing what I can as this is a Horrible Illness / Challenge and I wouldn't wish it on anyone ever as it stole MY life --

But I found A WAY to STEAL IT BACK as did you think I was about to just lay there and play dead - then you are unfamiliar with the Genetic Strain / DNA called Lucien Jean Edgar Faciote II

As I have decided that now IT IS MY TURN TO NOW GO TO ---> war <--


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