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Humanities Problem YOU ALL Are Guilty -- ALL OF YOU And It Gets Worse A Lot Worse, Wanna Know How?

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

One the Guilt of a few effects the world and it can no longer ever for anyone be fixed as what is going on

1969 / 70 I get my ass in the wrong place at the wrong time (but its worse) I was set up to be RAPED by a Priest of The Catholic Church and my Mom & Dad figured it out very fast and I died (in ways you have no idea of) then I watched my parents who to this point in the breif life I was allowed to live, saw my hero unable to look at me anymore and he then had a heart attack while at the RACE TRACK (westwind oval) for Autos I went under the bleachers that moment and started yelling abd punching the colums holding up the bleachers as in my young mind I knew that my life and world as NO OVER IN SO MANY WAYS that I didn't even know this was Heart Attack # 1 there was to be # 3 when I went to the Catholic Hospital The Misercordia I was frightened as I had never seen FEAR before and it was looking at me from my Father's Bed and I was so worrried and that night I was sad, and I cried as this was not going to be good at all -- it was around grade 6 he was done with his long term marriage to my incredible mother and tehn she did something I was a 12 or 13 child and I had to work through on my own as I had never heard of STATE WELFARE NEVER and I had no fucken idea as we were on as I was in much pain and I was attemptoing to make my family better again for a qwhile and I was not succeeding at all and I was not a stupid kid however it changed from Grade 4 to 5 (that is when it occured) and I was in grade 6 I was in a remedial class then in 7 a new school and regualar classes and not I had lost my abilties to even think anymore I was just a mess and I had stopped (I shut everything downaand I mean everything) grade 8 back to a remdeial class wkth a great teacher there were this stair like floor in the classmy best teacher since Grade 1 and Grade 1 was Mrs Joly and she had a daughter I am sure Renatta Joly she was cute fuck it was Grade 1

One day in grade 8 I came home first and the phone rang and it was someone for a social service and my mom was in Court that day and the and it was a female and she was saying something weird and I had zero as thinking ability anymore and she was saying my mom was in the Jail ...reverse that tape .... JAIL for stealing high end steak oh God and now I need to get a hold of dad who moved out

He freaked and then I began to worry about his heart, oh fuck as this lady was on her way over to as I was told I was not oold to look after my sssssistern & me

(lets say this was Novemeber) 1974 it was about to get so much worse, as my 14th birthday was coming and I wanted my life and family back (NOT GOING TO GET THIS ) and I was able to see my dad on Febrary 4, 1975 and my dad and me went somewhere I can no longer recall where we all went but my memory is it was late (dark I know) and were tallking about I don't recall anymore and I do remeber this and it was clear and exact he slide me or said come here and I slide over

He placed his arm around me and said and I never remember this before

" Son I Love You " I was lost and I said me to dad

we talked a while longer and ssaid good night

13 days later he was going to be DEAD, and I knew zero about zero and I was scared and FUCKED

Oh GOD, I blamed YOU I Blamed Jusus, I blamed me, and I blamed everything and everyone and my life and world started rto feel like I was done I was about to wish I was the pain ( I never knew emotional or anything) I started drinking with the oldest two Bruhas enabling me (Greg & Gerard)

this place I am in is horrible (mentally)






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