Humanity And The Brain Wash Machine -- Enter At Your Own Risk

In the beginning mankind could actually think critically

This is my 4th Campaign in the War of the Holy Hole and the last three I have made a few simple gains

Medications are somewhat sorted out since May 15, 2019 (days = 93) 3 months 1 day however I am very stressed as my hair is coming out by the handfuls

We have 91 days too D day and I am tripping as I need to sort this out NOW we now have crossed over with more days gone than remain until D day

Mental Health Treatment for the first time in my entire life and 35 years in Mental Health Treatment is actually working so well I wonder at times if I am in a dream as I am getting help

After hours care is iffy and needs to be adjusted as this can work better for both parties me and the service (it will come) I hope as there are more after HOURS than Business Hours

Home-care is a total mess (this is my problem) as I have lost the TRUST that I once had and it is sadly reflecting on the program (It is me that needs to sort my head out)

Wound care resumes in September

Plastic Surgery review is lined up for next week

Its the 4th Campaign and 2 left as I see it -- .and I know we can save a fish flapping in the sand as I will always try to hope

Even when it seems done as it has

You gave up on your dreams-- why did you?

Did you not have a good role model?

Don't let your mind and heart be poisoned by society

Do NOT play it safe, as if you are breathing it is not over yet

Go for it, I have endured pain for 10 months and tonight I had a wake up call as Two City of Edmonton Police Officers arrived as I had // am // was struggling with (insert taboo word here) C & F were kind and turned my lack of hope around with a few powerful words about the records I keep now as I try very hard to succeed, and deal with both a complex mental health challenge and now a complex physical health challenge on top of it all

The best part of my dreams is the Challenge as I have to go through as I have young people looking at what I am doing.. As some people go around some over, me I need to go straight through the walls of life (and baby this is going to __ __ CK-EN hurt) to a place I will question the motivation I need to do this I might die trying this war over this 4th campaign

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