I AM A PRODUCT ---- IAM A = "(M.E.)" : Mental Entity

You All -- Created, Designed, Rebooted, Re-Educated - Re-Programmed, and

Re-Engineered a "(M.E.)" in just (days) over Six Years,

Everything about me is different, and N.L.P. June 10, 2018, and D.B.T. at December 5, 2018 were a component of the ME design

"(M.E.)"--- is about to be rolled out to more of the population on on a local, provincial, federal and global levels as the TEAM(s) expand as [[THEY]]] are aware we and they will be creating a (Society By Design) S.B.D.

And this is a massive projek and one all 7.5 billion of us, will have a major responsibility in and of as our very lives are pretty much dependent upon us succeeding

IAM --In as IAM A "(M.E.)"

Question are you a "(M.E.)"??

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