I AM - Dying

Tonight I started Bleeding from the wound -- last night it the pain level was a constant 7-8 outta 10 all night i got little sleep, and tonight a bowel movement produced some

Candy Colored Red Blood -- And It Was M.I.N.E.

And tonight I do "fear the reaper"

Looking back at this last year since the Mad Hatter came out of "E.X.I.L.E." after the imposed 37 months, keep in mind I needed thus EXILE to be trained and conditioned to Love snd Be Kind to people'

like you all as when i drank it turns out I was not as fun as I was at THIS END

Welcome to The Doors and The End -- man we have some great music available to us all over the web -- "don't we"

As I move towards month 21 of suffering with this wound, bedsore, holy hole I need to wonder on the why of this one (the hole in one) like what the hell

I allowed "the system" to cut me open like a sardine on April 11, 2019 and it didn't ''W.O.R.K." but for 2 months

And now I am "shit scared" of hospitals

Oh well

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