I Am Faithful As I Know And Understand That God Has My Back

I also have some of the best TEAMS in the WORLD, in just under 3+ hours I will have feedback on this new wound and treatment / maintenance of the pair -- Still fearsome as I am a human and we all fear that which we do not know / understand (and this science behind wound treatment / maintenance is really high end biotechnological --of which I lack so many skills in as 11 plus months was just not enough time for a full education

I have Angels all around me, surrounding me and protecting me as they have over my entire lifetime

I just need to "LET GO, AND LET GOD"

To God, and Jesus Christ *my* Personal Savior and the man whom died upon the cross for *my* Sins -- thank YOU for always being there for me:

To The Gods, Goddesses, The Mistresses and Masters, The Kings and Queens, The Princesses and the Princes, to The Royal Ladies and Stately Gentlemen along With The City Fathers

You designed all this and gave me all I have, and made my life so much better, easier, peaceful over this incarnation I am always going to be in your debt's

Thank You All

To *my* Angels, both Physical and Metaphysical thank you all for always watching ove me as I got into a lot of situation as I went from 1975 (when my Earth father [Edgar] moved on in his incarnation, as a human being) to the period known as "My Sobriety" in 2013-- you all were there all the time ''Think You"

I will be back to complete this later this evening -- say a prayer if you might



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