I AM Going To Be Somebody Some Day

Today changes EVERYTHING ALL OF IT as it could be the FALL and or RISE of The Eagle

Today I fly -- First Class Baby = F.C.B.

As today is the two year anniversary of the wound / bedsore on my coccyx that damn near killed me with PAIN from HELL --this time last year this period October 4-18th 2019 I was ISOLATED in a Mental Health Unit for a medication change and because I was suicidal and I was well enough to be given TOTAL HOME privilege's After 6 days into my 30 day FORM 1 = an order to hold you (me) as they trusted me

Well at year two the changes are incredible as I have a large group of Mentors in person, and on-line and by books and audio

Two years makes all the difference in my life, as my teams have had been shaken up somewhat and even though I now have a heart failure issue now

PAIN won't kill me as

Pain Is Temporary -- Greatness Is Forever

And Babies I AM FOREVER as The Mad Hatter of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Globally IAM GREAT as Are You

We All Just The Longest few months in the life of HUMANITY


Just look in your mirror, and what do you see, I see GREATNESS in each and everyone of you


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