I AM in pain but IAM LOVED -- TY


I have finally been allowed to wake up – after a very, very long sleep “the sleep of no return’ and for the fact the one that the God’s have “allowed” me a second chance here at this level of the Matrix of time

I spent the best part of my life, floundering in a place that was / is totally unforgiving (the land of the drink / alcohol) as I would find out of June 8, 2019 by chance I have and suffer from A.U.D. and at that date I didn’t even know what it meant – it means by the way (Alcohol Use Disorder) and it KILLS aa drinker every 10 seconds of the Global stage (W.H.O)) #World Health Organization data. Then after ‘

38 years I was “trapped in a bottle” and then almost like magic the way out was shown unto me, however so much was lost in the 38 years and can never be found as the time in began at 14 and would last till 52 (so life was pretty much missed / skipped over)

I sit here now in pain as I missed a pain medication dose as the pain was good for most of the night and then came flying back

I need a wall of strong people around me now as I sometimes don’t remember all I need too, and they are coming forward as they read the blog,

I missed this so many things, all for a `bottle and a hoot (damnit)

If I can give YOU ONE piece of advice this would be it—DO NOT FOLLOW THE ROAD I TOOK

FORGET THAT PARTY -- she could be the one that kills you


I got lucky I live in Canada, but this blog had readers now in 9 countries and 52 cities




A.u.d,-- Just decided I wanted a pair of 6 in heels and 2 cookies and 2 pair of flats and a pair of ballet shoes , size 6 black) to remember - used

Let’s have fun, and Girl Guides Cookies are great

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