I am not a bad person, I got screwed by the system

For doing the right thing at the right time -- FOR the Workers of Alberta ahah yah thank YOU

Turns out that CEO Kenneth Pals the grand master at the W.C.B. in 1987 (until I would get done with that illusion) of power he held so firmly upon

damn it that was a very long damn time ago and I should likely be dead too, BUT I AM NOT '

And it wasn't for the system NOT attempting to have me kill myself (suicide rate with schizophrenia affective disorder is 10-15% and its a life time trip) so I should have succeeded (but this is one thing I was terrible at it would turn out, to be at)

POWER absolute POWER and the CORRUPTION in its wake

They *the W.C.B." were using broken medical equipment to treat my brothers and sisters at work in Alberta during the reign of mismanagement by Kenny and his boys

I proved it to the Hon Jim Denning Minister of W.C.B. at the time and he called a public inquiry (I was only aware of the traction machine they-treated me on, in "their rehab" center on SASK DRIVE -- Jimmy called a "Public Inquiry" and the shit hit the fan as 14 pieces of fatality or broken medical equipment was uncovered -- This is why Kenny was dismissed, AS HE Screwed UP and caused pain to injured Alberta Workers who were required to attend HELL REHAB

The Government wouldn't allow me to escape unscathed as it would systematically work at destroying me for decades

Look up Mr. Bill Williams to see what stress did he was the poor unfortunate soul that somehow ended up on my claim

Thank you sir for your help, the burgers, and smokes

I am alive a lot of my buddies are gone and when you see someone kill themselves to save there name, as I seen stuff (nah your new here, hell so am I)

God gives us everything, lets not screw it up OK?

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