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I am so tired and sad and sorry to my friends and family and the people that have supported me

These last few years have been like I have been sent to HELL as there is way too damn much in the WORLD right now as MANKIND is dealing with so damn much as we has COVID 19--WAR -- FTX -- And whatever else to add we have massive Climate issues, and corruption is seems all at once and everywhere and my brain has now likely been fed the damn wrong chemicals for over the last 40 years as we should have been dealing with the PTSD I now has but it was not looked for over 52 years and then I became a big chemical dump and the system found a human body that would be ideal to test anything they wanted to on as I had ZERO SUPPORT / Family (My Sis went a few times to see the Doctor with me think it was after my COMA

OKAY tomorrow I am in court defending myself for seeking help from getting damn well RAPED by a PRIEST and I no longer care I am tired as I have been victimized, abused, tortured, medicated to the point I was no longer able to piss into the toilet bowl and then had all my TEETH YANKED OUT of MY MOUTH WITH ----- ZERO FREEZING ----- YUP 22 -23 TEETH OUT OF THE BONES / JAW in around 45 -50 Minutes

I am could tired and I am dead in mind / body / soul basically they all won as this is way to damn hard and I want to bring a lady into my world what the hell is wrong with me as no one deserves to live the way I have to as this mental illness of PTSD that was only Diagniosed on June 22, 2021 has screwed up my life even more than anything as now I have no appiette (not that I had much of a appiette as a direct result of missing every damn tooth in my mouth as yes it is waay way harder to eat food with no teeth than with teeth

why did they do this to me over what 52 -40 years as I was resilient (was this used against me as these people kept at me over and over again and again and worst thing is that damn stigma as the bullshit organizations always say were working to stop the STIGMA and I saw $100 Million enter the MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM a while back by an unknown donor (I would really like to know where that all went as nothing anywhere in the WESTERN CANADA Changed at all pretty much but then again the DONATION was made down EASTERN way and we are the system that acts like RIVALS

YOU see as of TODAY Novmeber 28, 2022 some few days when I seems to woke up from the DEAD (IAM Not Kidding you the story of Coming Back is weird too) as that was the day I would see / (telephone time) with my Psychetrist

I no longer wish to carry on but some people say that I am worthwhile and I serve a purpose as The Mad Hatter Experience as I have a GIFT that even in all the pain and at times it is fucken MASSIVE THAT I SEEM HAPPY as this is and has beenmy public face and when I arrive at home I crash and fall apart as the saddness I see is horrible as there are CHILDREN on "MY" Streets and I want to buy the three houses accros from me and turn them in real GROUP HOMES with a BOARD of DIRECTORS and Therapists, Social Workers, Addiction Workers

And YES I AM Aware that all the above is about to cost MONEY


HOW MUCH DOES ONE THROW AWAY CHILD COST (Male or Female) (design the two budgets as they are going to be very, very different I promise you all) send the reports back to

our main address online at (donations would be welcome also as it is already cost money out of the pocket of my AISH benefit and I also walk 4-6 KM talking and assisting people the kids and young adults that only need a HAND UP AND NOT A HAND OUT

I NEED a Techy to work on the programming / coding to set a DAO up so I can invite people from across the worlds to take a peek at our (your work which will lead to other places to be for you to work)

Incentivized would bde the terms and

I will bring a magazine with stories, picture and other stuff to do tonight and then she was cababi

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