I AM STRESSED --- I need a break today, Please

I have so much pain -- in the world and in my life as this last week was shit as the ratios went up.

I saw the worst show of being I have ever seen as Donnie trough a temper tantrum like hell bro ( and I do consider him still a brother in this on going war against the COVID 19 ) as we are all a single species fighting as one people against a Virus from Hell

I am having a very hard time seeing (vision) as EXOTROPIA (according to my eye specialist) has started ravaging my Nervous system in my legs (preventing me from walking the way I used to from 9-16 km now I am grateful if I get but three ( 3 +) plus km a day


Spells and Potions -- wonder some times about all of this shit I have been experiencing in my last few months of my life ( haven't you ?? ) as what if this whole fucken adventure Is All Run on Spells and Potions, and who controls those?

And does it even matter in the end at all

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